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Introducing httpscout.io: A Website Uptime Monitor

20 Mar 2024

Today, I’m super excited to introduce a project that’s dear to me: httpscout.io. httpscout.io is a website uptime and TLS certificate expiry monitor ready for its early Beta debut.

httpscout.io is a reliable, low-cost option for early-stage technology companies. As a consultant, I have worked with clients who didn’t have essential monitoring due to the cost and complexity of setting up services like AWS or Datadog. httpscout.io is also a great backup option for larger, more established organizations that rely on Datadog or NewRelic for monitoring.

I’ve worked on httpscout for the last few months, and even though several things need further development, I wanted to launch the project anyway and start collecting feedback.

I’m looking forward to learning how the system behaves in production, experimenting with new ideas, testing the site in real-world usage, and evaluating the effectiveness of my monitoring (Prometheus/Grafana/Ahoy) setup.

As an aside, working with Rails is fun, and launching was easy, thanks to a handful of gems (outside of Sidekiq). Rails’s awesomeness deserves its own post.

For those interested in the technology, httscout.io is built using Ruby 3, Rails 7, Bootstrap 5, Sidekiq 6, and PostgreSQL 15– httpscout.io is hosted in Canada, outside the three major infrastructure providers.

I love building SaaS, and working on httpscout.io has been a dream come true. While I’m working on the app, I’m also available for Rails development, product launch support, or scaling PostgreSQL databases.

Lastly, I couldn’t have reached this point without the support of friends and family. Your encouragement has meant everything. Thank you.

If you’re still reading this, I’d appreciate it if you could click through to httpscout.io and help me load and test the app. Once again, thank you.