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Five Best Open Source Rails Apps to Read in 2023.

13 Jun 2023

Studying well written code makes you a better programmer. It’s where you pick up new techniques and discover new gems. Here are five well written open source Rails applications you can study to improve your Rails programming.

rubygems.org - The app that is rubygems, Ruby’s gem hosting service. A relatively simple app that’s with ‘easy’ patterns to grok for the beginner. It’s MIT Licensed and Rails 7 to boot.

railsdevs.com - The code behind railsdevs.com, a reverse job board for Rails developers. A modern Rails 7 app that’s very well tested and leverages ‘view_components’ to make testing templates easier.

Gitlab - Surprise! Gitlab is an open source, MIT licensed Rails app. It’s massive and well documented. Suitable for more advanced developers.

lobsters - A simple, approachable Rails app that runs the link aggregation and discussion site https://lobste.rs/.

https://casavolunteertracking.org/ - Built by the good folks at Ruby For Good. Well maintained and easy to read, perfect for developers at every level.

Be sure to check out these open source apps!