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Airbyte User Management Workaround With OAuth2 Proxy

| Shey Sewani | Toronto
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If you’re experimenting with Airbyte and need authentication, consider hosting it behind: oauth2-proxy. OAuth2 proxy is a reverse proxy that gets you instant email based authentication in front of your Airbyte instance 🎉.

I’ve published a repo with a setup that’s deployed with Ansible. For this demo, OAuth2-proxy is configured to use Github for authentication and certbot for certs– both services are proxied behind Nginx 👍.

The setup isn’t meant for production but it’s useful as inspiration for a demo or as a proof-of-concept implementation. A production installation of oauth2-proxy should use redis for session storage– the ENV vars for Airbyte should also get looked at. The docs for Airbyte and oauth2-proxy are a good place to start 📚.

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