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Consulting Advice I Gave Myself

13 Feb 2022


In August of 2020 I left my full time job as an engineering manager to become a independent software developer. This is my second time working solo. Before I quit, I wrote down some advice for myself– in case I tried again. 🤷

👽 Believe in yourself. You have to believe in yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to run your own business. Make it your own, have fun, and commit 100%. Be yourself and focus on what you’re bringing. Connect with other entrepreneurs, consultants, or freelancers– people who understand the challenges of solopreneurship more intimately.

Manage your energy. You have a limited amount of energy. Match your work to your energy. Always choose yourself over bad clients. On days when you don’t have any energy, rest. Refocus on helping people. You’ll enjoy your work more and have more space to grow. Wanting to “be the best” draws your focus away from what’s working for you and drains your energy.

🛠️ Build incrementally. Build something small and iterate on it over time. This applies to all projects, code, email templates, presentations, marketing plans, etc. Don’t build for a future you can’t predict.

💸 Productize your services. Products are easier to market– you can disassociate yourself from the product. Products can be built incrementally over time. Small investments add up.

💪 You’re under marketing yourself. Marketing is the most powerful revenue growth tool available to you. When choosing between learning a new skill or marketing, choose marketing, always. You are already highly skilled. The North American and European economies are unfathomably large– most people aren’t aware of you or what you do.