Sheheryar Sewani

Most humans can't pronounce Sheheryar Sewani's name, and this includes himself. It's not clear what evil spirit may materialize if his name were to be correctly uttered, so his friends simply call him Shey.

Tempered in the dungeons of the C/C++ financial programming world, he continues his now twelve year journey in search of the perfect distributed, fault tolerant, highly available software system. Until then, he'll happily fawn over Python, Pandas, Postgres and Ansible.

After moving to Toronto, Shey rediscovered his love for life, music and programming. A former TechTalksTO conference organizer, he now spends his time automating his life, bouldering (he does what a spider can't), and studying political theory. Like many in Toronto, Shey is a zealous cyclist, always looking to see where two wheels and a frame can take him.